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CCTV Borehole Inspection Services and Condition Assessment

You can't service what you can't see.

Clearly, the condition of any borehole is paramount to its ongoing performance. It’s important, therefore, to check a newly drilled bore to ensure that its design and specification have been met. Similarly, an existing bore should be reviewed periodically – as part of an ongoing maintenance programme – to highlight any latent faults before they develop into major problems or disruptions in supply. Any problems that manifest themselves at other times – perhaps because of a drop-off in performance – also need to be investigated, and the most effective way of performing all these checks is by way of a visual inspection through CCTV.

Borehole CCTV Inspection


  • New Construction Inspection – to prove the quality of work and offer customer assurance - also provides a benchmark data for monitoring any future changes.
  • Periodical Inspection – to ascertain current well conditions & determine maintenance needs.
  • After Service Inspection – to verify effectiveness of cleaning & repairs.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection – to establish well conditions at transfer of ownership.
Borehole CCTV Inspection

Use of CCTV can:

  • Verify correct type, size and positions of casings and screens.
  • Check the integrity of casings and grout seals.
  • Locate and identify causes of obstruction.
  • Determine the condition of well screens.
  • Identify corrosion, bio-fouling or other screen blockages.
  • Locate voiding behind linings or areas of sand ingress.
  • Identify potential borehole collapse.
  • Investigate groundwater quality, mineral conditions, geological strata, etc.
  • Find lost tools or pumps and assist in retrieval.

The camera kit consists of:

  • Selectable DOWNHOLE and SIDE VIEW colour camera with 360° rotation and forward-reverse direction control. White balance, long life, shock-proof, high intensity LED lighting for side & forward view.
  • Portable 12 volt powered reel with 1,000 feet ( 300 metre ) of Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable ( nominal breaking strength 750lb ) with adjustable extended boom assembly for centring camera over well and encoder for on-screen digital depth display ( feet or metre ).
  • Camera operating unit to control camera rotation, select forward or side view and to determine the speed of raising or lowering the camera.
  • 7-inch LCD control monitor with hood for outdoor viewing.
  • 12 volt portable DVD recorder for capturing video survey.
  • Rechargeable battery giving up to 5 hour operation.
  • Assembled on a small 2-wheel hand cart for manoeuvrability on site.
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