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I-GON3  Deep-clean for boreholes

Powerful, fast-acting removal of bio-fouling with advanced new I-GON formula.  

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Borehole Pumps for constant pressure from Nastec, Pump, Motor and Control Box

Nastec Constant Pressure Pumps

It’s very satisfying to get water flowing from a new or refurbished borehole. But as time goes on, the pump driving it may be straining itself and draining energy far more than is good for its health and your pocket. 
Typically, this is life with a fixed pressure pump. As water demand increases, it loses pressure. As demand drops, it overworks and risks running dry. Soon you can be facing repeated trouble-shooting, that could progress to premature failure and the prospect of an expensive refit.
A Nastec 4HS Constant Pressure Pump will transform your borehole and your business.  
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Flushing out Wellhead Crime

Warning – flushing out Wellhead Crime
Dramatic as it may sound, an inadequate wellhead can land both contractor and owner with a criminal conviction and hefty costs if it leads to groundwater pollution.
Despite the prospect of up to £20,000 fines and legal action that could ruin businesses and reputations, too many boreholes are ticking time-bombs of potential health and water contamination issues. 
As Environment Agency guidance reveals: “..staff have seen many examples of badly constructed, completed or maintained private water supply boreholes, and are concerned at the risks to which source owners are subjecting themselves, often out of ignorance.”
However, ignorance is no defence if a wellhead is found to be the culprit of a problem warranting Agency inspection.
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Borehole Success in NI

Success in Northern Ireland

E-Tech Borehole Pump success in Northern Ireland & South Wales dewatering applications, in order to create a dry and safe working environment. find out more

Geothermal Pumping Systems

Geothermal Pumping Systems

With over 15 years knee-deep in the business of borehole engineering, Proquip is uniquely placed to consult on, supply, install and commission fully integrated installations for the most challenging applications...
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Stratford Box

The 'Stratford Box'

The 'Stratford Box' is an integral part of Phase 2 of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL). The 'Box' is effectively a huge concrete lined trench, comprising diaphragm side walls...  find out more...

Flexible Rising Main from Boreline Development

Boreline Development

Boreline flexible riser is going from strength to strength in terms of its technical development and worldwide success. As part of this process, Proquip have been supplying Boreline in the UK for the past 15 years and have now sold in excess of 50,000 metre.  find out more...

4" Stainless Steel Borehole Pump from Wellpumps.

4" Well Pumps Available in 316 Stainless Steel

The established Well Pumps range of 4" borehole pumps has now been augmented by the addition of a new version of each size with all components ... find out more...

Worldwide Export

Worldwide Export

Proquip have received enquiries from potential customers in Uganda, Germany, Ghana, Spain, Palestine, India, Monaco, Canada, Denmark, China, Iceland and more...   find out more...

CCTV Borehole Inspection Equipment Services

CCTV Borehole Inspection Services and Condition Assessment

Clearly, the condition of any borehole is paramount to its ongoing performance. It is important, therefore, to check a newly drilled bore to ensure that its design and specification have been met.
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