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Iron Bacteria Cleaner

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For Iron or Manganese blocked wells requiring effective rehabilitation

I-GON Borehole Cleaning
Borehole Cleaning with I-Gon
Before and after results of I-gon borehole cleaning

Iron Bacteria Cleaner

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I-GON 3 Borehole Cleaner
I-GON 2 Component Cleaner

Removing pumping equipment from boreholes can be a horrendous task when everything comes out of the ground covered in a pungent orange iron oxide slime or black manganese deposit. Naturally occurring bacteria (IRB) convert dissolved minerals into these solids which are not only unpleasant for the operatives but, more importantly, signify a system that is gradually becoming blocked and inefficient and costing money.
Though this is an entirely natural process & cannot be prevented or stopped its effects can be controlled by the use of l-GON - a powerful organic acid product which will penetrate and remove iron oxide or manganese contamination from every part of the borehole and pump in-situ. Unlike chlorine or other chemicals l-GON has no adverse effect on normal pump, piping or fittings materials, nor any residual effect on the environment. (similarly, iron-choked filtration medium can be restored by circulating an l-GON solution through the system) 

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