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Open Loop Geothermal Systems

Open Loop Geothermal Systems

Geothermal Open Loop Borehole Pumps from Proquip


Proquip are ideally placed in the market to service the requirements of open-loop geothermal abstraction and recharge systems, being specialist suppliers of borehole pumping equipment to suit all applications. We can provide the whole pumping plant from the abstraction wells to the recharge wells including borehole pumps, motors, wellheads in stainless steel or coated mild steel, stainless diffusers, flowmeters, control panels with BMS interfaces etc. We are sole UK agents for Franklin Electric  E-Tech stainless steel borehole pumps, Boreline flexible rising main and the Geovalve but can also supply,  other types of pump & riser where required.


Geothermal Open Loop Control Panels


Our custom-built borehole pump panels incorporate inverter speed controls fully integrated with all necessary sensors, instrumentation, displays with links to Building Management Systems to provide a complete package tailored to the characteristics of the each individual site. The use of cutting-edge technology such as Danfoss Aquadrive inverters, Mag-flowmeters and integrated borehole pressure / temperature monitoring results in a highly efficient operation.


Geovalve for Open Loop Geothermal Systems


The Geovalve® is a dual function valve for controlling abstraction of groundwater from, and re-injection into, an aquifer while maintaining a constant pressure in the system. The compact design makes it ideal for use in tight boreholes where bi-directional flow is required as it only requires a single line for both functions.  The valve provides accurate control of the system pressure so it can also be used simply as an injection valve. The Geovalve® is connected to the discharge of the borehole pump and acts as a non return valve for the off duty pump. The borehole pump must be set at approximately 10 metres below the pumped water level to prevent aeration at the injection point. By injecting water, thus, a positive pressure can be maintained on the complete system. i.e. pipes remain full and no air is allowed into the water. 

Wellhead custom made for Geothermal Pumping SystemsDuring our 20 years of supplying borehole pumps we have come across many difficult applications – some at high temperatures, others very deep, highly corrosive waters, etc. Our pumps and products have always seen us through so we can pass this experience on to you. We are confident that with our knowledge and proven products we can offer a cost effective solution to your pumping applications.

For all your Geothermal Pumping needs give us a call – for excellent service and dedication.

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